Sports with mass culture came a loss of individuality

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Unformatted text preview: ads, and stop the gov’t from interfering w/business. Herbert Hoover (1928 – 1932) Hoover won against Democrat Alfred E. Smith [who is noteworthy as the first Catholic candidate and builder of part of the New Deal Coalition – i.e. he 194 got the urban immigrants voting Democratic] and then proceeded to keep the cooperation between business and gov’t going strong. Everything was going great, until a slight problem came up: The Great Depression. But that’s to be continued… - Anyway, following Coolidge’s reelection, many began to claim that Progressivism had indeed died out. On a nat’l level, it had. But remember…there was still reform going on at state & local levels – stuff like workers’ compensation, pensions, welfare, and [in cities] planning and zoning commissions. - Some reformers also tacked Indian affairs, as Indians were still being treated as minorities expected to assimilate [e/t the Dawes Act had failed in accomplishing that goal]. Citizenship was finally granted to Indians in 1924, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs was reorganized [not great effect though]. - Women also had achieved more a share in politics w/the Nineteenth Amendment (1920), which gave them suffrage – nevertheless, women were mainly kept out of power with the exception of organizations they founded themselves [League of Women Votes, National Woman’s Party]. *Social Trends* - Some noteworthy characteristics are as follows… Urbanization – With consumerism and modernization there came a migration to the cities, where manufacturing jobs were more readily available. Great Migration and Discrimination – African Americans, especially, moved into the cities, 195 where they were forced to squeeze into tiny sectors due to discrimination. This led to movements glorifying black racial pride/independence – like the UNIA led by Marcus Garvey, which was influential in the early 1920s before it was shut down for anarchism. Mexican/Puerto Rican Immigration – Mexican immigrants crowded into districts in the Southwest, and PR’s moved mainly to NYC. In both...
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