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Unformatted text preview: temporarily stopped the annexation process, but once Hawaii got attn. again during the SACFW [you’ll see] McKinley got it though as the Newlands Resolution [1898]. Hawaiians were given citizenship in 1900 and statehood in 1959. Venezuela – In 1895 Venezuela asked for US help regarding a border dispute w/GB. We gave the British a big lecture on leaving LA alone, and then in 1896 an Anglo-American board divided the territory up w/o consulting Venezuela. Cuba – Cuba had battled Spain for independence intermittently since 1868, and in 1895 another revolution led by Jose Marti broke out. As usual, the US had acquired strong economic interests in the region [one of the causes of the revolution was the Wilson-Gorman Tariff, which taxed their 176 sugar, hurting the economy]. So when the revolution led to destruction of sugar fields and such, it killed trade, leading to US sympathy for Cuba (Spain’s brutal policies were another factor). Naturally the yellow journalists had a field day feeding war fever. The last straw was the accidental explosion of the US ship Maine, which journalists blamed on Spain, and a letter found by the NY Journal criticizing McKinley. McKinley then sent Spain an ultimatum – Spain made concessions – but McKinley went ahead and asked to use force anyway. So on April 19, 1897 Congress declared Cuba free and allowed the use of authority to remove Spain. Though the Teller Amendment claimed we weren’t interested in annexation, McKinley still didn’t let us recognize the rebel gov’t [they might need US tutoring first]. - That, of course, leads to the… *The Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino War [SACFW] and its Aftermath* - E/t Spain seemed somewhat ready to compromise, it pretty much wasn’t going to work out b/c the Cubans only wanted full independence, which Spain wasn’t going to give them at all and the US didn’t want so much either b/c the new gov’t might try to reduce our interests there. - Just to quickly recap – why were we interested in w...
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