The british had more better trained troops and

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Unformatted text preview: ke the British did. - On the other hand… They didn’t really have a bureaucracy to organize the war effort like Britain did – they only had the Second Continental Congress, which was planned as a brief meeting to talk about the CA 43 but ended up having to be the main intercolonial gov’t. But even though this task was initially daunting it worked out after a while – the big accomplishment being their creation of the Continental Army [they chose Washington to lead it] and their management of it. The British had more, better-trained troops and [initially] control of the seas. - In the end France was a big help for the colonists [no kidding huh]. *1776: Moving Towards Independence* - Remember that, initially, even when Britain and the Americans were fighting, independence had not been decided upon yet [not everyone agreed w/that radical course of action]. - In January 1776, a huge step towards the decision to declare independence was taken when Thomas Paine released his book, Common Sense, which was an instant bestseller and had an enormous impact b/c of its challenge of colonial assumptions about the colonies’ relationship to Britain. - Largely b/c of Common Sense, by late spring in 1776 independence had become inevitable. On May 10 the Second Continental Congress proposed that individual colonies start forming state constitutions, and all the loyalists dropped out of the CC. - On June 7 some congressmen introduced a motion towards independence. While the vote was postponed until July a five-man semi-committee was established to draft a declaration. Of course, Thomas Jefferson was 44 the guy who ended up writing it – and it was adopted on July 4. - The chief importance of the Declaration was its statement of principle [the life, liberty and happiness thing] and the explanation of gov’t being based on the consent of the people. After the Declaration was signed, there really was no turning back – b/c the delegates had committed treason. *The War: A Quick Overview* - Now, we don’t really need to know the specifics on the war, so this is just going to be the basics. The war had three phases b/c of changes in British s...
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