The us backed both greece govt won in 1949 and turkey

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Unformatted text preview: range looking black & white TV sets. Education: Education was a big concern, and many GIs went to college w/the provisions of the GI Bill of Rights. Parents also became obsessed w/their kids as successful students (we wouldn’t know anything about that, would we) and joined the PTA and so on. Education also became a nat’l security deal with the Sputnik thing (“their 236 scientists are beating our scientists”) so the NDEA was passed to enrich high school programs. Religion: Religion was seen as very American – in 1954 they added that little “under God” phrase to the Pledge. Television: Evangelists and car salesmen had a new way to be heard, and heard they were as families spend their time glued in front of the “idiot box.” Oh well. Women’s Roles: There was a cult of motherhood on one side, but the growing trend of women in the labor force on the other. Youth Subculture: Music (oh dear – Elvis!) and movies like Rebel Without A Cause catered to bored teenagers dissatisfied with blah middle class conformity. Beat Generation: On the sidelines, a few serious artists tried to speak about America’s problems. The Beats (Allen Ginsberg, etc.) rejected conformity and embraced sexuality and drugs – they were largely ignored in the 1950s but then were rediscovered in the 1960s. - The general prosperity notwithstanding, there was a large group of other Americans – immigrants, blacks, inner city dwellers, rural poor, Native Americans – that remained unaffected by the outburst of new products and stayed very poor. But they were largely ignored. The [Early] Cold War (1945 – 1961) *General Origins of the Cold War* 237 - Following the war, the US & USSR developed a tremendous rivalry. This was for several reasons… Power Vacuum – Following the collapse of Germany and Japan and the devastation of much of Europe, there was the question of how rebuilding would commence, and who would have hegemony in the areas where the Axis once dominated. Decol...
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