The virginia company was a joint stock venture it was

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Unformatted text preview: new trade routes]. The Virginia Company was a joint-stock venture [it was funded by contributions from many small investors]. - Although joint-stock companies had worked well to finance voyages, which quickly resulted in $, they wouldn’t work as well for colonies b/c colonies required enormous amounts of funding and usually failed, or at least took a long time, to return profits. Consequently, colonies funded by these companies were always short of capital b/c nobody wanted to risk much $. - Anyhow, James I decided to go ahead and charter the company in 1606, which resulted in Jamestown being founded in Virginia [after a failure to start a colony in Maine] in May 1607 by 104 Englishmen. 2 *Jamestown’s Struggle for Survival* - The most concise way to express the first years would be absolutely terrible luck. The colonists faced a myriad of problems, most of which they were not responsible for. For instance… They just happened to arrive during a severe drought. They had major problems with diseases like typhus and dysentery caused by a lack of sanitation (they washed clothes in the James river, then drank the water, and so on). They settled in the worst place possible climactically. They (this was their fault) were lazy. As the colonists were mainly gentlemen expecting to somehow magically discover gold and get rich, they were totally unprepared for the notion of *gasp* manual labor. - Not surprisingly, they had a 90% mortality rate on the first wave of colonists. *Jamestown and the Powhatan Confederacy* - So why wasn’t this another failure? Well, b/c of the Native Americans in the area [6 Algonquian tribes – the Powhatan Confederacy]. Since Powhatan [their leader] thought that the new arrivals could help him consolidate his power over the neighboring tribes, he was receptive and friendly towards them and agreed to trade food for items such as knives and guns. 3 - Soon enough, however, the relationship broke down. One cause of this was the kidnapping of Pocahontas, Powhatan’s daughter, by colonists who wanted to use her as a h...
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