Then after the debacle at saratoga 1778 which also

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Unformatted text preview: trategy. They were as follows: 1. [1776 – late 1777] Containment in New England – the British initially believed that the revolution was basically a radical minority movement centered in New England so they concentrated their forces there. But then came The Battle of Bunker Hill and… 2. [late 1777 – early 1778] Middle Colonies – the British realized it was not going to be that easy, so they shifted down into the middle colonies in an attempt to divide the colonies by gaining control of the Hudson River and Mohawk Valley. Then after the debacle at Saratoga (1778), which also caused the French to join the colonists b/c they realized they actually had a chance, they gave up on that and made a last ditch effort in… 3. [early 1778 – 1781] The South – they hoped to get loyalist support and use supplies from the West Indies to win in the South. They took 45 Charlestown, but since the French were there to back the colonists up in the sea it didn’t help them much. The very last stages of the war were very bloody and desperate, culminating in Yorktown (1781) where a trapped Cornwallis surrendered and the war ended. - There’s a lot more specific stuff on this but since we don’t need to know it, who cares? *1782: The Treaty of Paris* - The Americans soon disregarded their instructions from their leaders to follow the French b/c they [correctly] realized that the French were not so much their allies as they were Britain’s enemies, if you know what I mean. - The gamble paid off, though, b/c with Ben Franklin leading the negotiations the treaty, which was signed on September 3, 1783 included their two must-have goals: (1) recognition as an independent nation and (2) firm national boundaries from the Mississippi to the Atlantic and from Canada to Florida. - Of their non-essential goals, they didn’t get the one about (!) annexing Canada [you think] but did gain access to the fisheries in Newfoundland [they had requested access to all British fisheries in Canada]. - So, by 1...
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