Linear regions of the hilbert curve are used as the

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Unformatted text preview: draw a "snake" that runs through all points in the space (the 2D array of tile IDs), and never overlaps with itself. Linear regions of the Hilbert curve are used as the set of tile IDs comprising a given tile set. There is a mathematical theorem that shows that the Hilbert curve is the optimal partitioning of tile IDs into tile sets, to use minimum bandwidth for grouping tiles together that are likely to share features. Which is to say, given that we cannot predict whether there are more north-south or east-west roads that are shared between adjacent tiles, we should do "something reasonable" to make sure that tiles that are likely to share features wind up in the same tile set. The Hilbert curve is an algorithm for determining the best such partitioning The Wikipedia article does a good job of explaining the Hilbert curve. See also Your implementation should number the tiles in the range along the curve, then split the range into tile sets by dividing the curve into a number of segments equal to the number of the rendering tasks. The starter code includes a JUnit test case for the Hilbert divider you will write so that you can test it to see if your implementation is working correctly Geocode Index Generation As mentioned in the introduction, the next assignment will be a crude version of the online Google Maps interface. The goal of assignment four is to display to a user a pannable map on a web page. This web page will contain a text input where a user can type an address; the map should then jump to this address. To do this, we will need to generate a geocode index. The geocode index is a data structure that can quickly return the latitude and longitude for any address. From this latitude and longitude, your TileSetDivider can then look up the particular tile IDs (and thus the filenames of tiles) which correspond to the tiles the user should be shown. We want to support primarily queries in the format of "Stre...
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