With shape labeling you must figure out how to

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Unformatted text preview: zoom level and how to place them optimally. With line labeling you must figure out how to place the label along the linear feature (eg the road label curves with the road). With shape labeling you must figure out how to efficiently calculate centers of polygons where to place labels. This is all complicated of course by having to figure out relative importance of labels, dealing with labels that have to cross tile edges, etc. These are all very hard problems, there are several papers that you can find about these topics if you look for them • Driving directions. Barry mentioned a few papers that might help you here, but you are on your own…. Writeup Answer the following questions in your writeup: 1. Put both your and your partner's names here. 2. In your own words, describe your complete pipeline. Name the most important classes, and describe how they function. Indicate design choices you had to make, what options you considered, and how you resolved them. 3. Describe your label placement algorithm. Why do you think this is a good algorithm to solve this problem? 4. Describe, in your own words, how the HilbertDivider you implemented works, and why it is important. That is, explain how it is better than the SimpleDivider that was included in the starter code. 5. Describe how the geocode index works to facilitate address queries efficiently. 6. Describe any extensions you implemented. What additional data sets or record types did you employ? 7. Describe your test plan. Include any test source code in your source code submission. 8. How did you and your partner break down the labor in this project? How To Get Started The above sections have described the complete pipeline for the map data preprocessor. Here are a set of concrete steps to orient you through building the various pipeline stages. This is not the only order in which you can do things. You will note that while there are some dependencies (some steps here must be completed before others), other steps are independent of...
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