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j and cw for this built up column b according to

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Unformatted text preview: m-Column (cont’d) Questions: a) what are the section properties: A, Zxx, Zyy, …., J, and Cw for this built-up column? b) according to Clause 13.5 (laterally-supported) what would you use for Mrxx and Mryy c) according to Clause 13.6 (laterally-unsupported) what would you use for Mr’xx, and Mr’yy for an unsupported compression-flange span of 10-metres(y-y), 20-metres(x-x)? d) consider all 4 cases in Clause 13.8.2 of S16-01. Assume the built-up cross-section retains its original shape during overall buckling. Is this built-up beam-column capable of carrying an axial load of Cf =2000 kN according to S16-01? Figure 2: (page 4/6) CE 470: Final Exam (12 April 2010) –Structural Steel Design CE Question 3 (10 marks): Composite Concrete-Steel Beam (Clause 17) A composite concrete-steel beam cross-section is shown below. Assume: fc’=30 MPa, Fy(steel beam)=350 MPa, bslab= 2 metres, t(solid slab)= 140mm, and a 40% “partial shear connection” by shear studs at the concrete-steel interface. Section properties of the steel beam are given...
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