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Unformatted text preview: on page 6-100 of the Handbook. Question: calculate the location of the PNA (plastic neutral axis). Figure 3: (page 5/6) CE 470: Final Exam (12 April 2010) –Structural Steel Design Question 4 (20 marks): Short Answer Questions (marks as noted) a) (4 marks)- What purpose do Lu and Le serve for laterally-unsupported beams and at what values of Mu do they occur in S16? Provide a graphical sketch and explain. b) (1 mark)- What is the baseline moment diagram for a uniformly-loaded simplysupported beam? c) (1 mark)- In Clause 13.3, can the value of be less than 1.0? When and why? d) (1 marks)- what is a “half-space model” and when should its use be avoided? e) (5 marks)- What is the difference between P- and P- effects in second-order analysis? What is the fundamental intent of “notional loads” in design codes? What magnitude of notional loads is used in CSA S16-01? What are the purposes of the numerator and denominator terms in Clause 13.8.4 of S16-01 for calculating U1 for beamcolumns? f)...
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