Ignore the self weight of the beam in your

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Unformatted text preview: and at the centroid of the crosssection. Ignore the self-weight of the beam in your calculations Assume weld-pair centroids follow the of the W310 cross-section (i.e 310-16.3= 294mm). . Figure 1 (page 2/6) CE 470: Final Exam (12 April 2010) –Structural Steel Design Question 2 (40 marks): BEAM-COLUMN The W460x177 beam-column shown below is 20-metres high with lateral supports at the top and bottom. It is preferable to minimize bracing about the weak(y-y) axis and therefore, the cross-section has been reinforced with a pair of S380x74 members which are bolted to the flanges of the W460 sufficiently to achieve an integral/composite crosssection as shown in Figure 2; y-y bending is laterally suppressed at mid-height. The reinforced beam-column carries biaxial end moments and an axial load. Second-order analysis with notional loads for P- (sway) and P- (curvature) effects provide the end moments below. Assume there are no transverse loads on this column. ● about the xx-axis, the beam-column is attached to a roof truss and is part of a...
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