Units are mm and mpa unless noted otherwise the exam

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Unformatted text preview: dbook to your advantage. • units are [mm] and [MPa] unless noted otherwise. • the exam consists of 4 questions (not all equal marks) and 6 pages for a total of 100 marks. Question 1 (30 marks): Cantilevered Beam with a Welded Connection A 4-metre long W310x74 (W12x50) steel cantilever beam is welded to a “rigid support” with an E49xx 8mm fillet weld all-around as shown in Figure 1. Section properties for the member are given in the Handbook on page 6-52. The steel grade is “50 ksi” with, Fy=345 MPa, Fu=450 MPa. Draw a free-body diagram for each of the load cases below, and according to CSA-S1601, assign to each load case the maximum load which you would permit on this member: a) axial load Px ? b) lateral load Py ? c) vertical load Pz ? d) torsional moment (torque) Mxx ? how is this torque carried along the length of the beam? sketch the shape of the torque-carrying mechanisms and label each one. e) flexural moment Myy about the yy-axis? f) flexural moment Mzz about the zz-axis? All loads are applied at the free-end tip of the W310...
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