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Unformatted text preview: ment (the Binge Restaurant assignment). One of the questions may be a “general question” about SAP (in other words not the detailed individual steps but a “higher level” question about the SAP assignment – such as its purpose or benefits). 40 percent of exam. If you review your assignment 1 & 2 carefully, you should have no problem doing this section of the exam. Pretend that one of your class friends is “in trouble” and do not know how to build an order form. Show this friend how to do it. There will be screen shots at the end of the exam to jog your memory of the screens and steps. Section 4. 1 question directly related to the design of a database. The practice questions on Vista would help. Your assignment 2 phase 1 would also help. 60 percent of exam. Note of genuine concern. I am not making fun of students but the most common problem found when I mark the exam is that students do NOT read the questions carefully. I ask them “what” and they tell me “when”. I ask them “where” and they tell me “what”. Normal conversations with our friends are not precise – we drift from t...
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