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Unformatted text preview: inability to grasp technical details… let me assure you that you are “stressing out” over the wrong issues. This question has everything to do with business processes and not much to do with computer science. Last term two accounting students got this question 100% right. The computer science students in the class did NOT get it right. What you need, is the ability to “take the user or customer view” and design a form that a user or customer would like to use. You also need to know what data is stored, where it is stored, and some knowledge of simple business processes. For example, a supervisor would need to approve an application for an employee’s vacation – this is a business process. So the form must be sent to the supervisor for approval and the approval must be “registered” in the database somewhere. The employee’s record should already be stored in the corporate database since the first day the person was hired so no need to fill in the bio‐details at least. So I present here again the form we discussed in class. Try it on your own. The other questions in this section will look like this. Chapter 13. Answer the following question: This question has THREE parts. a) What is the SDLC? Tell me what it is and include some salient features. [3 mark...
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