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A one is obviously the brides comes to singapore and

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Unformatted text preview: so guidelines are sometimes impossible. Q10: Is there any marriages gone wrong ? A: Not any during my short term of work a yet. Q11; Im sure you have heard of a few ,could you explain the reasons? A: One is obviously the brides comes to Singapore and realizes all is not what it is expected .Some is due to other Vietnam brides influence for example when they compare allowances .Secondly ,the old men all are greedy and want young and beautiful wives .This 13 results in a vast difference in age as well as interests and will cause a drift apart in relations. The one having the lowest allowance will definitely feel disappointed .Picky couples will more likely to last longer in this sense but picky mother in laws pose a very big problems because they have a mentality that a bride bought with money should listen to whatever they tell them to do .This is especially true for the older folks .Some of the men also have the thinking that having a foreign bride also means she can double play the role of a servant as well, saving on that cost. Furthermore, most couples stay in HDB flats and with a confined space and increased interaction, there will naturally be more conflicts. doctors in Vietnam to help them produce the certificate. - Some companies have no premises. For example, they may be registered under a place but not physically situated there. One of our group mates have called one of these agencies only to be reprimanded and spoken to sarcastically. - For publicity and sales reasons, some companies actually boast about their sales figures, which include stating that they can achieve about 15 deals a month. Such practices are creating the impression that the company is ethical and reliable. Q12: Are there unfavorable practices in this industry ? A: Not that I know of. Appendix D Mr. Jason Ong’s eight unethical practices in the industry The unethical practices identified include: - Lower fees are charged for girls of lower quality. Brides agencies may offer cheap prices in advertisements only to attract males to go to their agencies to find that the girls are not to their expectations. - Fake passports are being made by unethical bride agencies, for ‘brides’ who pay for them. The ‘brides’ in this case are women who are not married to Singaporean men but actually working as KTV hostess, prostitutes etc. - Marriage for convenience, where the ‘brides’ main intentions are to get a PR status instead of getting married. - Agencies which rent their ‘brides’ out due to bad business. They are rented to customers for rates of $100/hr or $300-$500 per night. These ‘brides’ are actually women who have traveled to Singapore and waiting for their future bridegrooms to pick them at the bride agencies. - Illegal businesses are being conducted on the pretext of a bride agency, where in the same building, there is a KTV lounge, where the ‘brides’ will work at, rather than getting married instead. - Issue on virgins, where unethical agencies actually have fake or non virgins in their bride agencies, who moonlights othe...
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