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Hence the reliability of the certificates produced is

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Unformatted text preview: ed fake certificates proving their virginity. Hence, the reliability of the certificates produced is questionable. Furthermore, most agencies claim that they would conduct virginity and medical health checks over in Vietnam before the brides are brought over to Singapore. C & V mentioned that the brides undergo medical health checks at Raffles Hospital again after they reach Singapore. However, with the availability of hymen reconstruction procedures, are those certified virgins truly virgins? On the other hand, Mr. Mark† from VBride had a different view from the rest of the agencies and, in his opinion, virginity is not an issue as Singapore is no longer a reserved country. As such, it remains uncertain too if clients are really matched to expectations and given what they are promised. Company policies The next main difference among the agencies is the procedures that companies adopt and these are categorized under that of company policy. The following are some varying procedures which raised the flag for questioning. - It is either the groom who goes over to Vietnam to choose his bride or the bride who comes over at the beginning stage. If the groom goes over, he will have to choose his bride within a very short period and marry there and then. With this, is this fair to the groom and would such hurried marriages result in a happy and everlasting married life for each couple? On the other hand, if the bride comes over to Singapore; she may end up sitting in the agency, waiting for the men to come ‘view’ her. Many would see this as an infringement of women’s rights. - Some agencies conduct background checks and some do not (details discussed earlier). Many would frown upon those who do not conduct their businesses the right way and hence, those who do not conduct such checks are deemed as irresponsible and conducting the business for the sake of money, forgetting that this trade involves * † Appendix D & F Appendix G 5 humans and the need to respect and preserve human rights and dignity respectively. - According to Mr. Pillay* from CASE, many of these agencies do not produce proper contracts for the parties involved and terms and conditions differ from client to client and as negotiated with the agency. From our interviews, we gathered that some agencies do not even have properly spelt-out or written contracts and a piece of paper filled with simple diagrams and scribbling would suffice. Hence, should any issue arise, the agency could easily shirk its responsibility to the bride or the groom. The lack of a binding contract would absolve the agency of any liability thereafter. After marriage services The final apparent difference among agencies’ practices would be the availability of After Marriage Services. Mr. Mark† from VBride mentioned that a community within his agency was set up for these brides to visit whenever they want to after they are married. This community of girls usually come from the same homeland and can therefore interact and confide in one another. He added that there are DVDs and VCDs available...
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