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bgs final report_ foreign bride agencies

In singapore people are generally better educated and

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Unformatted text preview: issue of rights violations in Singapore, where the mindsets of people are more modernized and open, is not as apparent. In Singapore, people are generally better educated and women enjoy an equal social standing with men. Arranged marriages undermine the rights of the women and are thus generally unaccepted by women in Singapore. Government view The Singapore government encourages entrepreneurship and thus does not enforce strict regulation to such industry in order to promote free trade. Legal Analysis Society view In the point of view of the society, we focus on two main stakeholders. They are consumers and the women activists, AWARE (Association of Women for Action and Research). A survey* was conducted among 100 Singaporeans aged 25 to 45 (the ideal age group for the marriage agency industry). It aims to find out their views on the marriage agencies, the social impacts of such an industry and some of their practices. From the survey results, there is a negative impression of such an industry in Currently, there are no laws governing such an industry and there are no barriers to entry‡. In addition, with the current government policy of self-regulation, these companies have the freedom to set their own terms and condition. Under the Consumer Fair Trading Act, the consumers can seek for refunds if they can prove that they have been cheated. However, this is hindered by the terms and condition stated by the companies. According to Mr. Thevanathan Pillay, Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE), legal department, there were past cases§ where consumers † Appendix E Appendix I §,† Appendix I ‡ * Appendix K 7 were cheated by the agencies and that there is nothing they could do about it. Proposed Remedies* In light of the unethical problems in the foreign brides industry, four possible remedies are proposed to help solve some of the unethical issues and minimize the negative impact. Firstly, the public does not know how the companies operate and the negative social impacts that will arise. The public can be educated through the media. Consumers have the right to know what they are getting into, as well as the negative social impacts that will result from participation. This will allow the consumers to consider twice before engaging the agency’s services. This will force the unethical businesses to be ethical if they want to remain in business. Secondly, in the alcohol business, a liquor licenses is required before any shop is allowed to sell them. This is to ensure that the shops meet a certain standards and that their liquor is subjected to checks. If they fail to meet up to certain standards, their licenses will be revoked and they will lose the license to sell liquor. This can also be applied in the foreign brides industry. With the issued licenses, the government can regulate the industry, ensuring that the companies are of an acceptable standard. If the regulators find out that any company is guilty of any unethical practices, they can revoke its license. Thirdly...
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