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In return they get married off faster due to the vast

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Unformatted text preview: e discount offered on the price .Alternatively ,they force the women to work as prostitutes or social escorts to pay off the difference during the time period before they go to Singapore .In return ,they get married off faster due to the vast difference in price .Some of the agencies are actually backed by the mafia so they and their families back in Vietnam are constantly under threat .The husband does not know about anything .Some unscrupulous companies also state fixed fees and then want much more later ,threatening to refuse completing paper works for the women ,preventing them coming to Singapore .Lastly ,the agencies will state a very cheap price and do a slipshod marriage ,leaving all other matters especially administrative matters undone. There are also agencies that claim to be marriage agencies but are in fact selling other products or services . foreign brides (Vietnamese only),30% of the business, package is a lump sum of $9800 to $12,000.This includes all food and accommodation expenses as well as marriage ceremony expenses .For matchmaking date services, which is 40% of the business, is $888 for a year of membership or more if longer duration .For date matchmaking ,all we do is to introduce couples together in Singapore with no guarantee of marriage .Ratio of men and women participants at 5050. Q2: What is the background of the women? A: Women in Vietnam generally are very poor ,they do not have to pay for any cost for the matchmaking .However for the rest ,ie Singapore ,Malaysia, China women are more well to do and they sign up the $888 program and pay the money for membership to get acquainted with new friends . Q3: What are the selection criteria for the women A: Brides have to be healthy most importantly and free of diseases .We also adhere to some customers request like having virgins. Q4: what are the selection criteria of the men Q11: How do you feel all this is affecting your company ? A: Many small and unorthodox companies are spoiling the good names of all the reputable ones. Furthermore, this is worsened by the media which tend to blow up the negative sides of the matter in order to sensationalize the news. This results in lack of a balanced view as there is already a negative mindset inbuilt in the public. This trade is generally hard to survive, especially if they do not have factories like ours and the government does not regulate this trade (also means that most other firms are going by way of vice, that is why they survive). Appendix B (interview) A: Men must be single or divorced (didn’t state how they check) and men must fill in particulars form (very basic, but refuse o give us a copy).We also request for their IC to check identity and address and also important is the salary of the men .Ill and disabled men are eligible as long as they are able to pay and the women accepts them. They must also look at the actual person .Health check for men not required and high pay must be certified by CPF forms or income tax forms. We also allow request that is...
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