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Loi q1 mr loi could you give us a background of your

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Unformatted text preview: previous interviews before and wishes to reduce media exposure as she says it might bring unwelcome criticisms and comments about her company Appendix C (interview) C & V Marriage, Mr. Loi Q1: Mr. Loi, could you give us a background of your business ? A: I’m actually an employee working for my boss for 3 months already. My boss has a wife that is from Vietnam and shows the newspaper article (Article as attached - Page ).I was an accountant by training and since I have a lot of contacts in Hainan (cousin there) and I always like to match make couples ,I was thinking why not enter into the business .Our company mainly deals in two kinds of brides ,those from Vietnam and Hainan .This business is very “Leng Men”(not popular in mandarin).Lately ,competition between firms are also very stiff .Originally a package costs about $16,000,now the price is slashed to about $10,000 or less . Q2: What is the background of the women? A: The Vietnamese women are very pitiful and work long hours and get little pay in Vietnam .All of them want to marry in hope of a better life as well as a husband who truly loves them .The Hainanese on the other hand are not as poor but also wish to have a husband to provide for them .Most of their husbands are not fulfilling their duties as the head of the household and frequently drink,gamble and beat up their wives. Q3: What are the selection criteria for the girls? A: No particular selection .Girls who are interested approaches the agent in Vietnam and the girls then have to apply passport in Vietnam before they are sent to Singapore to link up with our company. Girls are to be 18 to 26, because if the woman is under 18, Singapore immigration would require her parents consent in presence. 8 out of 10 men want virgin so we do checkups on this in Vietnam as well .We also do checkup at Raffles Hospital when they arrive at Singapore. This is to check for illnesses like STDs ,HIV ,TB, Hep. B etc.For the girls ,they mostly have at least 9 years of education but higher the better since Singapore immigration will more likely grant a 12 foreigner citizenship if his or her education level is high .Probably the things we look at is whether she’s conversant and the way she carries herself ex. walking style .However ,Vietnam is a communist country ,so large gatherings are illegal ,so the women will approach the company separately or agents will bring them in from the rural regions .We would choose girls that do not know mandarin as those fluent in mandarin may have gone through failed marriages or scams . brides ,they will then pay the remainder sum, for Hainan($8800),for Vietnam ($7800).Both are 4 day events . Q6: Do the women go through any training and what do they do at Vietnam while waiting to go Singapore ? A: We provide them language manuals to learn Chinese if coming Singapore or Hokkien if going Taiwan. They are well versed in other household skills .They take about 1 month to learn the language . Q4: what are the selection criteria for the men? Q7: What kind of men go to this trips ? A: Actually the men pay all the money so it would be unfair t...
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