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Post 2005 business and society stakeholders ethics

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Unformatted text preview: hould be placed on the issues of human rights and ethics, rather than on profits. 8 References Anne T. Lawrence, James Weber, James E. Post (2005). “Business and Society – Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy (11th edition)”. McGrawHill/Irwin, USA. Mr. Cupid [Online resource], Available at: VBride Agency [Online resource], Available at: VietMatch Agency [Online resource], Available at: Yawning Bread, (November 2004), ‘Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore’ [Online resource] Available at: Yawning Bread, (June 2003), ‘Vietnamese brides’, [Online resource] Available at: The Straits Times, (November 2005) ‘Vietnamese brides' huge gamble’ [Online resource] Available at: sec=9&news_id=48864 Asia Times (April 2005) ‘Singapore Fair puts brides on display’ [Online resource] Available at: Sunday Star (Nov 2002) ‘Looking abroad for a spouse’ [Online resource] Available at: ifestyle-021126.htm Super-bikes Forum (Jan 2005) ‘1000 women wanted to marry him’ [Online resource] Available at: 3fab14e07ee61d793b7686fe4fb069b&showtopic=64 328 Appendix A (interview) the factory as well as through recommendation by the village chief when the girls reach the age of 18.Our business is an honest ,fair dealing and we are CASE registered and that reflects ethical and transparency . .Q2: What is the background of the women? A: They are very poor, most of them farmers in the rural regions and their age range is 18 to 25. .For undergraduates, earning $100 per month is considered very good .Men there gambles, laze around and abuse the women, so life is tougher for the girls there. Q3: What are the selection criteria for the girls? A: My colleague goes over regularly to check the girls, to see if they are from a good family and background i.e. no hereditary illnesses, no exploitative behaviors or background .They also check whether the women are virgins. The village chief is very respectable so my colleague will accept all recommendations from him and screen the girls .They then go through health screening to check if they have any infectious illnesses like HIV, STDs, TB or Hep B. Girls approved then joins the network for foreign matchmaking. Q4: What are the selection criteria for men? A: Men must be sincerely looking for a relationship and family and we deny all men with ulterior intentions such as keeping a mistress or surrogate mother regardless of their salary. Salary is of secondary priority but they must also demonstrate basic ability to be able to support the girl and the family .Although we do not screen the men, we do keep a lookout for potential health problems such as weird sores or bumps (STDs), yellowish eyes (liver problems)...
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