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Secondly a similar scenario arises where the bride is

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Unformatted text preview: degroom will be ignorant of. Secondly, a similar scenario arises where the bride is not allowed to return to Singapore unless the groom pays an additional fee which is not initially agreed upon. Thirdly, a groom who is charged a lower rate may end up paying more than he bargained for. The bride may bring with her a huge amount of debts incurred due to the difference in pricing. The bride will repay the debt by installments to the agency without the husband’s knowledge, in fear that her family might be harassed by hooligans back in Vietnam. Prerequisites Prerequisites are sub-divided into two main categories; that for the grooms and the other for the brides. Upon investigating further on what the agency requires of the potential groom, the criteria varied from agency to agency, accentuating the grey areas of the trade. Some agencies expressed that the salary of the groom should be verified to ensure that he is capable of supporting his new family and to check the veracity of his income declaration, a client is required to produce his income slip or CPF statement as proof of his financial capacity. Mr. Cupid, Lifepartner and Yuan Fen are strong supporters of this practice. However, agencies such as VBride and C & V mentioned that clients who approach them would usually be ready to settle down and set up families. Hence, they do not practice such checks. This gives the impression that brides are sometimes treated as commodities that could be possessed by anyone willing and able to pay the price quoted. Issues such as the ability to consummate the marriage and the underlying intentions to marry also surfaced. Some agencies expound that the client’s ability to consummate his marriage can sometimes be inextricably linked to his motive behind seeking a marriage partner via the agency. While some men, including homosexuals, mental patients and even sickly people, marry simply for the sake of marrying, others hop onto the bandwagon for mistresses or even sex slaves. Some were even compelled to marry due to a will that their parents set for them; if they do not marry, they would not inherit the family’s wealth and fortunes. Despite being aware of these intentions, some agencies are still willing to accept such clients. Through the various interviews, it is gathered that Mr. Cupid and Lifepartner conduct thorough checks through questionnaires and detailed face-to-face interviews. They turn down clients who are deemed as unfit or unsuitable. However, all agencies do not require updated medical reports from these men, putting the foreign marriage candidates at risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease from the men who would be their life partners. This is because agencies view that it is unreasonable for their paying clients to undergo such checks. Men turning up at such agencies, request their brides to be young virgins with good health. However, are ‘virgins’ real virgins? As mentioned by Janson Ong*, owner of Lifepartner Agency, some brides acquir...
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