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The dates last for a few hours or so after which the

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Unformatted text preview: ith the different men .However we do not display the brides and is a rather informal session. The man and women then goes on quick dates to find out whether are they compatible or not .The dates last for a few hours or so. After which the men express their interest and wait for reply of the Vietnamese women .Most often the response will be positive .Then Mr. Cupid will then provide information about registering the marriage and settles all related procedures such as the marriage ceremonies etc. For women coming over to Singapore, men will choose a woman they take a liking to and shows affirmation and information of the men is shown to the woman. The men pay a deposit of 30% of total package price .So if the men don’t like the woman; the deposit is forfeited but if the woman withdraw out of the marriage, then the deposit is refunded. The cost of $13888(latest promotion package) includes everything from the men’s food and accommodation, wedding ceremony and gifts .The only exception is the jewelleries. Q8: Any preparation for the women before coming to Singapore? A: Girls go through an intensive 45 days training on cooking, language and household skills in a hostel in Vietnam with a professional trainer. The hostel they stay is confined to all women and they have limited exposure outside the hostel to ensure they do not mix with bad company and to ensure their discipline. Q9: Any cases of marriages gone bad? If there is, how to you remedy the problem? A : Fortunately for Mr. Cupid ,we do not have major problems of marriages failures due to the fact of our stringent criteria as well as our follow up program .Possibly the only major one for Mr Cupid will be our partner company in Taiwan .The Vietnamese bride got physically abused by her husband .For that case ,the Taiwan representatives went down to understand the problems as well as counsel the couple .And of course to help the woman seek legal action .But one point to note ,we do not encourage divorces or breakups ,we always suggest patching up .We will assign counselors to each couples and they will go down and understand the problem ,talk to both the husband and wife to source any bad influences or problems .If the quarrels are bad ,the company also will fly in the parents of the bride if the fault lies with her .Mr cupid also teaches the men how to be good husbands and also proper behaviors such as not to pamper their wives too much for fear of failure to meet increasingly high demands expected by the women. There will also be a peer support program where brides will be linked up with existing foreign brides introduced by Mr Cupid .All this is inside the 3 years probation program included with the package. Only in the worse case scenario then we consider separating the couples but so far we do not have such cases . 10 Q10: Any ethical problems you know? A: Some agencies have very cheap price to entice customers but they threaten the women to coerce their husbands into giving them regular allowance .This is for the women to repay any debts or to pay off th...
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