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The men on the other hand create demand by wanting to

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Unformatted text preview: eir lives. The men on the other hand create demand by wanting to have a companion and a virtuous wife. Whenever there is a demand for the brides, there will always be a supply to meet this, and foreign bride agencies help facilitate the transaction. General Procedures Generally there are two main standard procedures. In one, the potential groom will visit the bride agency and view the profile of the potential brides. Upon selection of the bride, the groom will then travel to the potential bride’s homeland and he will stay there for 5 days to a week. During his stay, he will spend a few hours interacting with the pool of brides who he has selected. With that, if he fancies one of them, he will be allowed to date her for an hour before deciding whether if he is going to marry her. If he opts to marry her, the marriage date will be set within the next few days. After which, he will return to Singapore and his bride will spend the next 30 days awaiting for her paper work to be processed by the authorities. In the other, the brides are brought to Singapore on a social visit pass for a duration of a month. During their stay in Singapore, they will be available for selection in the agencies. When a potential bridegroom takes a fancy on a bride, he will be allowed to bring the bride out on a date for a few hours. After which if he decides to marry her, he will have to do so within a week. Unethical practices Overview In a bid to earn higher profits, agencies willingly compromise their ethical standards. We will address all these practices through our research and analysis. Further analysis by our group has led us to discover the underlying cause of these unethical issues. Some of these issues are as mentioned by Mr. Janson Ong, Managing Director of Lifepartner Agency, who identified eight kinds of unethical practices* that are rampant in the bride industry. Lifepartner Agency has appeared on the TV series, Get Real, before and is considered an ethical company with a good reputation for its policies and procedures. The findings are based on agencies namely Mr. Cupid, Lifepartner Agency, Yuan Fen Bride Agency, C & V Bride Agency and Vbride Agency. Information was gathered and the following part of this report addresses the four main differences of agencies where ethics are being compromised. They are prices, pre-requisites, company policies and after marriage services. Pricing In pricing, there is a substantial difference† of about $7000 between the rates charged by Lifepartner, Mr. Cupid and Yuan Fen, and those by C & V and Vbride. According to Mr. Martin‡ there are, in some cases, mainly three possible unethical reasons behind this stark price discrepancy in the industry. Firstly, in some companies, a lower rate is charged to the groom as the balance has been covered by the bride. After the bride and the bridegroom have consummated their marriage in Vietnam, the bride who is left in Vietnam for the 45 days is forced to carry out prostitution acts, which the * Appendix D & F Appendix J, Slide #22 ‡ Appendix A † 4 bri...
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