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Thus as a whole the industry brings more detriments

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Unformatted text preview: in unbalanced couples and increase in undesirable cases such as woman abuse and divorce (cost). Thus, as a whole, the industry brings more detriments or cost than benefits by compromising their practices. Based on these approaches, the analyses justified that out of the five agencies, only two, namely, Mr. Cupid and Lifepartner, can be considered as ethical and have proper rules and regulations in carrying out such business. Furthermore, it is analyzed that some companies have no premises. For example, they may be registered under a place but they are not physically situated there. This suggests that there are dishonest agencies in operation. † § Appendix N 6 In the context of a modern country like Singapore, where traditions and customs have changed in favor of freedom and rights, such business practices will definitely be unacceptable by the society. Business view The perceptions of most agencies on these practices are more of a herd behavior and profits based rationalizations, ignoring their responsibilities as well as the rights and fairness of the parties that they have benefited from. During interviews, most agencies give the impression that can be surmised as such: “You can do anything you want, as long you don’t get caught.” Survivability VS Ethics The competitive market is small and unstable with many players. Unethical practices are deemed attractive as it hauls in super-normal profits in the short term. Thus, most agencies are enticed to compromise their policies. However, companies who still adhere closely to ethical practices face difficulties (as discussed above) posed by unethical companies, which according to Mr. Martin from Mr. Cupid, results in many agencies eventually closing down. However, companies who observe more ethical practices, such as Mr. Cupid and Lifepartner, are able to survive because they provide quality and reliable services. These companies gained customer’s confidence and boosts the company’s reputation. Hence, with the brand name established, the companies benefit in the long run. Singapore and that the general public is concerned with the impact that such an industry will have on the society as a whole. Increased divorce rates, discrimination against foreign brides and foreign brides coming for the wrong reasons, like prostitution, are some of the undesirable consequences of this industry that purports to be matchmaking for the sake of promoting family life. Through correspondence emails † with Ms Adelyn Lim from AWARE, another major stakeholder in this industry, it can be inferred that their views are also negative. Some of the issues that they brought up are that there is no government regulation, and there is the misleading idea of the existence of a ‘fantasy woman’ being sold, and the infringement of women’s rights. Social Analysis There has been a debate on women rights regarding the issue of bridal arrangements. In the past centuries, matchmaking has been widely practiced and accepted. For example, in India, arranged marriages are the norm, as marriages are restricted to a social class hierarchy. However, the...
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