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To aid explanation of analysis in the report the

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Unformatted text preview: try. To aid explanation of analysis in the report, the report consists of the stakeholder model which will highlight the role of stakeholders of the agencies. This is followed by case-by-case analyses of some companies and their views, as well as cases where a breach of business ethics is blatantly committed. The ethical analysis model will be used to determine if the unethical practices are justifiable. All of these will be supported by surveys and interviews conducted with the various firms and the public. In addition to a discussion on the public’s view on this controversial industry, the government’s role in this industry will also be examined. This report will conclude by looking at possible remedies to address the socioeconomic problems brought about by a controversial industry such as this. Stakeholder model* Primary stakeholders of the agencies include the foreign female candidates, the local men, both their families as well as agents in Vietnam. Secondary stakeholders include regulatory bodies, the governments of both Singapore and Vietnam, the media, the public, as well as relatives, friends and acquaintances of both the bride and groom. Regulatory bodies include the ICA (Immigration Checkpoint Authority), ROM (Registry Of Marriage), CASE (Consumer Association of Singapore and the women activist groups such as AWARE (Association of Women for Rights and Research) * Appendix J, Slide #6 3 Background Most of these foreign brides, of ages 18 to 25, are basically from very poor, rural farming communities. Due to the higher social status of men back in Vietnam, women work much harder and receive much lower pay. Many Vietnamese men are also involved in vices such as drinking, gambling, womanizing and assault. Contrary to general conception, the Singaporean men who form the customer base of such agencies cannot be generalized as ‘dirty old men’ (DOM). Some of them are actually young and eligible bachelors, commanding high salaries. Their ages range from the late 20s to 50s. Most of these clients are unable to find suitable mates for several reasons, such as their busy work schedules, high expectations of Singaporean women or due to the introverted character of Singaporean men. With reference to the model, foreign bride agencies have to constantly monitor the everchanging expectations of stakeholders by adopting a proactive stance. This ensures that a performanceexpectation gap does not arise by the agencies meeting or exceeding the expectations of the stakeholders. Expectations do not solely mean profits; it also forms on other aspects such as ethical business practices. Here, we analyze areas in which the gap is likely to appear. Supply and demand Most of these foreign women who are willing to marry overseas are spurred by a desire to break out of the vicious cycle and poverty trap life in their homelands has to offer. Marrying men who would provide and care for them becomes not just a fantasy but a goal that offers hope and change to th...
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