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We also do not do men that are above 50 to 60 because

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Unformatted text preview: o demand any requirements. Given that we do check a few items .Things like checking their income tax and 3 years CPF to ensure financial stability, however this is for the pickier Hainanese brides. We also do not do men that are above 50 to 60 because there would be immigration admin problems. There is no health screening for the men. We do not reject people looking for mistresses. A: Men going for this trips can be classified into 3 groups .First ,the young and interested parties,30 to 40 year old ,can be either divorced or widowed .Second would be the fussy men who want the best ,best look ,best character etc .Thirdly would be people who will want mistresses and are very rich . Q8:Where does your responsibility ends and do you give any after marriage advice or help? Q5: What is the process of marrying a foreign bride A: First the men will come in and tell us what e requires and he is entitled to choose from the brides that we have in the shop seated. His particulars will be recorded (and shows a thick stack of files with blank pieces of papers with lots of scribbled notes) Photos are only provided for the Hainan women . If that is not enough then we will require him to come again when the next batch comes in. Once the customer is interested, they are given a few hours to get to know each other better .The women still have the right to reject the men and are not forced into marriage. The women will at the meantime stay at a hostel provided by the company for the duration of 14 days .They are allowed to extend their stay in Singapore up to the discretion of the immigration department. If rejected then they have to go back to Vietnam .Their stay here is all provided for by the company. Once the bride is chosen ,all preparation will be done according to the package he choses .(And hands us the form, Refer to attached form – Page ). For the Hainanese brides ,my cousin is stationed there and most of them are her friends so it is easier to deal with them .For relatives ,I will do a more detailed match making session for them .What happens is that the men and women will be on activities that our company will organize to get to know each other .Alternatively ,the men can also fly to Hainan or Vietnam at a cost of $1500 which covers food and accommodation .Upon choosing the A: If the bride runs off after 21 days of marriage (after having the certificate of marriage),the responsibility falls on the man .If the men feels the bride is not suitable ,the company will then look into the issue to determine whether to change the bride .After the marriage ,responsibility falls on the men .After all ,bad business is going to affect our reputation .We do not offer any after marriage help but if the bride approach us ,we will direct them to relevant authorities .We will help if there is any problems . Q9: Then is there any guidelines or code of ethics you adhere to ? A: I just do my best to bring the couples together. Actually a business is profit based ultimately and one must be flexible if not there is not money to be made...
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