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Unformatted text preview: bout the industry. However, we would be open and welcome your advises and opinions. On a side note, is it possible for us to have some: 1) photos (picture says a thousand words) 2) videos of the weddings in Vietnam (to show that it's a grand affair) 3) contacts of some Vietnam brides, we would like to have their opinions too Regarding the contacts of the Vietnam brides. We understand that you 17 > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > would have to keep the identity of your customers confidential and we do respect that, so we are looking for voluntary cases where they would like to share their happy moments with us. This information would bring forward a wider and more realistic perspective to the class. And through this session, they will definitely have a better understanding of the industry. We understand that you have a busy schedule but the information that you provide will be of get value to, and be able to clear some doubts that students have. We hope that through our presentation, we will be able to clear up some negative perceptions that people have of the brides industry. We hope to hear from you soon. Regards Songjie Appendix F, G, H, I & J – Please refer to the CD 18 Appendix K Survey on Marriage Agencies in Singapore Note: Please tick the relevant circle 8% 4% 1) What is your perception of marriage? o True Love (70) o Sex (5) o Money (3) o Obligation in life (10) o Traditional Customs (8) o Others (4) True Love Sex 10% Money 3% 5% Obligation in life 70% Traditional Custom s Others 2) Would you marry a person whom you have barely known for a week? o Yes (15) o No (85) 15% Yes No 85% 3) Why do you think is the main reason that Singaporean man will want to seek overseas brides? Because: o Singapore women place too much emphasis on their career (6) o Singapore men would not want to marry women of higher social status/income (3) o Singapore women have too high expectations of Singapore men (46 ) o Overseas brides make better domestic wives (30) o Singapore men have no time to date because of work or other reasons (14) 14% 6% 3% Emphasis on career Higher social status High expectations Better wives 30% 47% No time to date 19 Note: Please tick the relevant circle 4) What qualities do you look for in a life partner? o Appearance (10) o Financial status (14) o Character (40) o Chemistry between couples (6) o Love (30) 10% Appearance 30% 14% Financial status Character Chemistry Love 6% 40% 19% 5) What are your perceptions of bride agencies? o Positive (27) o Negative (54) o Both (19) 27% Positive Negative Both 54% 10% 6) What comes to your mind when you hear about bride agencies? An agency: o To bring couples together (27) o For sex Tours (30) o Unscrupulous companies Seeking profits (33) o Others (10) 27% Bring couples together Sex Tours 33% Seeking profits Others 30% 7) What do you think about having brides on display? o Insult to womens' rights (70) o Its ok (10) o Reminds you of prostitutes (20) Insult to women rights 20% It's ok 10% Gives a impression of a prostiture 70% 20 Note: Please tick the relevant circle 8) How do you think that the trend towards marrying an overseas bride will affect the society? o Increasing number of unmarried Singaporean women (25) o The society's perception that money can be used to buy everything, including love (30) o Undermines the value of marriage (40) o Others (5) 5% 25% Increasing no. of unmarried women Wrong perception 40% Undermines value of marriage Others 30% 9) Do you think that the agencies are exploiting the bride's plight to suffice the demands of Singapore men? o Yes (70) o No (30) 30% Yes No 70% 10) Would you consider starting a bride agency business? o Yes (20) o No (80) o If yes/no, why? 20% Yes No 80% Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day! 21...
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