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Whereas mr cupid works in a different and ideal

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Unformatted text preview: for these brides to watch so that they would not miss their homeland. Whereas Mr. Cupid works in a different and ideal manner; the marriages are placed under three years probation, and counselors are attached to brides to keep in constant contact and to keep track of the brides’ well-being‡. However, Yuan Fen and C & V do not provide such services and their liability ends the moment the bride marries. Ethical Analysis The practices that are being compromised in this industry were analyzed, by the use of the Justice, Right and Utilitarian Approaches, to justify whether the use of these practices are ethical or not. The fact that agencies impose debt to poor Vietnamese brides to have a lower price in market, fails in Justice approach. It will be unfair for the brides who do not have the abilities to pay back and are compelled to work as prostitutes to pay the debt Taking advantage of the brides’ poverty to make more profits is unfair to the brides and also to the grooms who are unaware of these hidden costs. * Appendix I Appendix G ‡ Appendix A Besides, the agencies’ reluctance to ascertain the credibility of the groom’s ability to set up a family will result in unfairness to the bride, who has to marry a total stranger. What if she were to find out the groom is unable to support a family or has infectious diseases such as HIV, after the marriage? Most agencies put the brides in a transparent room at shopping centers§ to attract passers-by and in a worse scenario, brides are also displayed at trade fair. This definitely infringes human rights by treating brides as products. Furthermore, agencies ignore the right of the brides’ freedom in choosing their grooms by pressurizing and intimidating them with the cost the agencies have incurred on their behalves and other liabilities that agencies have brought up. Such cases are evident in agencies that bring the brides over to Singapore with social visit pass of 14 days to a month. The agencies implicitly make constrain for the brides’ freedom in choosing grooms since they have to get married in that short period of time, and failure to do so will cause a large time elapse for them to have the same chance again, as the agencies are very unlikely willingly to incur the same cost again to bring them back to Singapore after the expire of their visit passes. This paper identifies that such practices are unethical by the use of Utilitarian approach, otherwise known as Cost-Benefits analysis. These marketing strategies that the agencies used by lowering price with hidden cost will definitely bring more profits (benefits) in short term. But in long term such practices will bring bad reputation (cost) to the agencies since consumers will find out all these underlying cost one day and loose their trust in agencies, which is a very important factor for the survival and success of a business. In addition, by loosening practices and policies, agencies will be able to match more brides and grooms (benefit). Nevertheless, this will result...
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