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Yuan fen crossing point mrs kelly q5 what is the

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Unformatted text preview: not purely for marriage ,example ,marriage for the sake of inheriting money stated in the will .However ,most of our customers are on the old side .We also require committed individuals . Yuan Fen + Crossing point (Mrs. Kelly) Q5: What is the process of marrying a foreign bride? Q1: Could you tell us the background of your business? A: It is a 7 day event and the men goes over to Vietnam to choose the bride .The package fees includes everything needed for the marriage .Part of the men money is also distributed to the yang ma in Vietnam first and she decides how much of it goes to the bride’s family. (Yang ma take cares of all the brides in Vietnam). After choosing the bride, they go through the ceremony in Vietnam or in Singapore depending on the men. Interested women will then turn up to get chosen by the men. A: Yuan fen has been around since 1989 and has since merged with crossing point agency. We do not only foreign bride matchmaking but also matchmaking dates .Our clients are mainly Singapore males for the foreign brides business .Women in the company’s contacts include, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia .For 11 Women are basically trained back in Vietnam in languages and household skills for a month . Q6: what do the men and women expect of each other ? A: Vietnamese girls being poor have not much expectation so we do actually tell them about the men salary as well as their true intention for marriage (ex to fulfill will).However, women from other countries such a China have higher expectations such as salary and looks .And Singapore ones will be very fussy, must have education, money and looks .They do not look for men with car, they look for men with BMW or Mercedes etc. Note: all photos are full of physically incompatible couples that appearance differ vastly Q7: any cases of bad marriages ? A: So far no serious problems, about 95% of the marriages are perfectly successful .The rest are due to minor squabbles and arguments. Most brides run due to incompatibility and I always advice men to find someone compatible and not look for purely looks and be greedy. The age and character must be matching. Q8: any solutions for that? A: If it is genuinely our fault before the marriage, ex miscommunication on our part or reluctance of women to marry then we would try to find another woman to substitute .However, once the marriage is confirmed and are legally husband and wife that ends our responsibility. Any complains after that, we do not assume any responsibilities. Q9: do you know of any laws governing this industry?or do you go for any updates on legal issues regarding this industry ? A: No im not sure of any laws for this business .I do what I feel is right and does not prick on my conscience, then that is fine. Q10: Any unethical practices of other marriage agencies? A: No, I do not know .All I know is that my agency is doing an honest business, and I do not bother with other companies. Mrs. Kelly has declined to be interviewed on video as she said she had many...
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