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A about 38 for a ten session package q do you think

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Unformatted text preview: ur mind. It also clears your ear also. Those papers report rubbish. John: Really? Lady: Come down lah. Then you will know what I mean. John: Okay I’ll think about it first. Appendix E Interview: Miss Lim Siew Kuan – customer of My Summer Day Spa Q: How much do you pay for each session of treatment? A: About $38 for a ten session package. Q: Do you think the prices of treatments are justified? A: Alright I think. Not too expensive. Q: Did you experience any unpleasant encounters at the spa? John: Oh, I was just looking through your brochure, and I saw this ear candling treatment. A: They push very hard for sales of their treatments. They just push and push and push. Even though I have already signed up for a ten session package, they already started to persuade me to upgrade and add on new treatments on my 3rd or 4th session. But I think this problem only happening in the branch I went to because my sister didn’t have this problem at the other branch. There’s also incorporate hidden costs in their packages. They put up a signboard stating a fix price for one session. But when you go inside they have addition charges which they didn’t state on the signboard. Lady: Yes, we provide it. Do you want to make an appointment for a treatment? Q: Do you think that the therapists are skilled enough to perform massages and treatments? John: No, I just want to know if it works, because I’ve never tried it before. A: They employ some blind therapists. So I can’t comment. The rest are mediocre in their skills. Once there was this therapist who had minor flu but still massage for me. At first she was fine but after a while she starting to sniff. But I still continued because it was too troublesome to change. Appendix D Phone interview: Therapist from Yen Wellness Spa John: Hello, is this Yen Wellness Spa? Lady: Yes. How can I help? Lady: Mmm, you come down and we show you. It’s really good. John: But I’ve heard from my friends, and read from the newspapers stating that it is not effective. Q: Any other issues? Ethical or legal? Sleaze? Lady: No, it’s really effective. Only those who did it 10 A: No. Maybe because I’m a women so I dun face any issue with sleaze. Appendix F Radio interview: Miss Howie Lim interviews Mr Peter Sng, President of the Spa Association of Singapore Source: 2316210/1/.html Q: Rejuvenation, Wellness, Calm, Relaxation. These are just some of the words that come to mind when one thinks of spas and getting a massage. But it wasn’t always so. In fact, some still feel that spas and massage parlors hide behind the flimsy cover of health and engage in vice related activities. I caught up with Mr. Peter Sng, President of the Spa Association of Singapore and first asked him how that sleazy image came about and if people’s perceptions were changing. A: Massage has long known to have therapeutic effects. It is only when it got mixed up with the uncontrolled environment that it got a sleazy image. The sexual connotation and the undesirable image of massage parlors was inherited from the 50s. Unfortunate...
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