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Again the social cost to the industry will be a

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Unformatted text preview: , it will only reinforce public’s perception of therapists as being low-status workers who are also part time sex workers. Again, the social cost to the industry will be a lasting one since perceptions are difficult to change. Already, the supply of genuinely trained and skilled therapists is insufficient. This situation will be exacerbated by the social stigma placed on therapists as low-paid and unprofessional workers, and it becomes a ‘job’ – instead of a profession – which is shunned upon. Mr Sng (2004) said that Singapore aims to be “a centre for spa destination and as a hub for spa development.” 24 The prevalence of sleazy spas will not only affect the local spa industry’s image but it will also attract tourists – for the wrong reason. Instead of 23 Appendix A: Meeting report (Page 17 of 18) of AsiaPacific Spa Leader’s Roundtable Conference 2006 held on 17th to 18th February 2006 At Grand Plaza Parkroyal, Singapore - Appendix: Country representatives - Singapore – Samantha Foster, Director of International Projects, ChivaSom 24 Appendix F - Radio interview: Miss Howie Lim interviews Mr Peter Sng, President of the Spa Association of Singapore 10/1/.html patronizing local spas for world class treatments, tourists come with the primary intention of soliciting sexual gratification. As such, the costs of this practice clearly overwhelm the benefits and can even do injustice to therapists. Remedies Proposed From Asia-Pacific Spa Leaders’ Roundtable Conference on 17th and 18th of February 2006, the team found out that many issues were left untackled because of inadequate intervention by the government and spa associations. This is attributed to the fact that the local spa and wellness industry has blossomed faster than expected, and the relevant issues have also emerged faster than the industry could react to it. From the conference, it seemed that the existing spa associations and companies are too small to influence the whole business environment of the industry. One of the suggestions to improve the situation is to propose more cooperation initiatives between different stakeholders of the industry to form a larger coalition stakeholder25 which is big enough to influence and get things going. With a common interest of changing the business environment of the industry for the better, the various parties of the collated stakeholder can work together to tackle individual issues that are relevant to them. Harmful treatments With regards to potentially harmful treatments like ear candling offered by spas such as Yen Wellness Spa and Balik Kampung Spa, reports from FDA about the harmful effects of ear candling is not widely known yet. According to the Issue Management Process model26, the FDA reports have already identified the issue that concerns the safety of consumers. The next step is for the collated stakeholders to recognize and analyse the implications and impacts of such issues. In this case, some of the collated stakeholders that can be involved are the Spa Association Sing...
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