bgs final report_spa and wellness industry

Bgs final report_spa and wellness industry

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Unformatted text preview: the implications of overboard hard-selling, they can improve their corporate culture and ethical performance by influencing and teaching their employees better and more professional sales tactics. Conclusion Through the findings for the project, the team has found out that while some issues like sleaze in spas are clearly unethical, whether other issues such as hard-selling and harmful treatments are unethical depends on circumstances and many factors. These issues have made caused several undesired effects on different segments of business, government and society. All the concepts and models quoted from books and solutions suggested by the team are still ideas in “black and white” after all. The team feels that for business ethics to work in the spa and wellness industry, it has to come from within the hearts of the spa operators and their employees. The spa and wellness industry is one that involves a lot of interaction between people. Thus, soul, heart and passion needs to be injected into the industry, as well as into measures which can reduce the compromising of ethics in business practices. Better business ethics is not simply ticking off the checklist, but it has to come from the heart to bring about long term sustenance. resource]. “Radio interview: Miss Howie Lim interviews Mr Peter Sng, President of the Spa Association of Singapore” Available at: 2006/1/.html Anne T. Lawrence, James Weber and James E. Post (2005). Business and Society: Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Policy, 11th edition, McGraw Hill Appendix A Meeting report of Asia-Pacific Spa Leader’s Roundtable Conference 2006 held on 17th to 18th February 2006 At Grand Plaza Parkroyal, Singapore Appendix: Country representatives Singapore – Samantha Foster, Director of International Projects, Chiva-Som Straits Times, Aug ’05 reported there are now more than 500 spas, two-thirds of which are less than 18 month old. However, definition of spa is unclear. No industry information available, which makes it difficult to evaluate state of the industry and to develop plans for future development. Collaboration – Mr Olivier Burlot & Mr Michael Loh Bibliography and References Samantha Foster. (2006). Meeting report of AsiaPacific Spa Leader’s Roundtable Conference 2006 held on 17th to 18th February 2006 At Grand Plaza Parkroyal, Singapore Hongkong Trade Development Council (2005). [Online resource]. “Spa Power In Singapore” Available at: htm Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. (2006). [Online resource]. “Ear Candling” Available at: United States Food and Drug Administration (1996). [Online resource]. “Ear Candles: FDA Regulation and Position”Available at: Health Canada (2006). [Online resource]. “Ear Candling”Available at: Sammyboy Forum (2006). [Online resource]. “Sasha Spa ” and “Dickson Spa” Avai...
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