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Health canada has taken similar regulatory actions to

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Unformatted text preview: directions for use since adequate directions cannot be written for the device’s purported use, Section [502(f)(1)]. Until such time as FDA receives and approves or clears a marketing application for ear candles, they continue to be marketed illegally for these therapeutic uses. Health Canada has taken similar regulatory actions to those of the FDA and maintains that ear candles are sold for unsubstantiated medical intended uses which have no scientific basis for safety and effectiveness. Health Canada and the United States have issued directives prohibiting importation of ear candles. Consumers are advised to avoid these dangerous devices. You may report complaints via FDA’s MedWatch program which is easily accessed through FDA’s Website. Appendix C Interview: Mr James Tan and Mr Adrian Au - Owners of Balik Kampung Spa Q: Are you aware that some treatments like ear candling do not work, and can pose a health threat to consumers? James: In general, we try to make sure that all the treatments that we have do not have risks to either the therapists or customers. We have our limitations. We are not expertise in the medical field, and we don’t promise to treat medical aliments. Adrian: I have not heard about that. I think it’s effective and it does not pose a health threat. Q: We have surveyed some people online and from the streets, and they commented that some spa therapists try to hard-sell large packages to customers. Even when they have signed up for those packages, therapists still try to persuade customers to extend their contract (for treatments) or sign on to more packages. Do you think it is alright for therapists to hard-sell? Adrian: Hard-selling happens everywhere. Companies need cash flow to make business. Therefore 9 there is the urgency to sell their products. But companies should train their staff properly to use proper ethical sales strategies. Otherwise, such hard-selling spas will risk driving away their customers. Spas should not lie because it is illegal. Although staff can sell insistently, they should not go to the extent of annoying customers or badger them. Our company has this flexible package. Customers can choose whatever treatments they want and can also pass on unfinished packages to their friends and relatives to continue using. There is no expiry date for packages. Q: Small spas have to fight with bigger and more established spas for the market pie. Do you think that they should resort to such “extra” services to increase their market share? Why do you think they resort to such measures? Adrian: No. It is unethical. Also, it will not work in the long run when customers want to relax and enjoy. I guess some therapists do that because most small firms only pay them from $300 to $800 a month, which hardly enough for them to survive in Singapore. As a result, these therapists provide ‘special services’, ranging from $30 to $100, to get some quick cash. improperly will be ineffective. It’s relaxing and clears yo...
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