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However the team conducted a survey 9 both online and

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Unformatted text preview: rs. However, the team conducted a survey 9 , both online and at Raffles Place. Results show that 33% of the 50 people surveyed are aware that spa treatments like ear candling do not work. This is an ironic finding because the team feels that as spa operators, it is assumed that they should have better product knowledge than their customers. Through a telephone interview with Yen Wellness Spa10, the firm’s stand is that ear candling is effective and beneficial to one’s constitution. Despite having stated our skepticism on the effectiveness of the treatment by means of a FDA report on the ineffectiveness of ear candling, the interviewed therapist was insistent that the treatment was safe and refuted the report. As such it is very clear that the spa operators themselves do not have complete product knowledge with regards to ear candling. The two interviewed spa firms have not considered if the effectiveness of treatments like ear candling have been proven to work or not. The team feels that such considerations should be done before deciding to sell a product to consumers. Ethical Analysis At first glance it is unethical for both Balik Kampung and Yen Wellness Spa to provide such treatment that is neither proven safe nor effective. For an industry where ties are built on mutual trust between the customer and the business entity, it would be an obvious breach of consumer rights if consumers are not rendered the right to their personal safety and to be informed of the treatments’ effectiveness. Hitherto, ear candling is still legal in Singapore and there are no reported incidents of injuries resulting from the use of this treatment. Ear candling is part of the spa culture and most spas provide it. If a spa discontinues the provision of ear candling, it risks losing customers to its competitors. At Yen Wellness Spa, ear candling is provided to its customers regularly and business is brisk. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, many customers have testified to its benefits, such as relief of sinus and headache. Here, there seems to be sufficient justification for the benefits derived from the continued practice of this treatment. However, in light of FDA’s stand and claims from injured consumers against this treatment, the human and social costs of this practice do outweigh its economic benefits. The human costs of injuring a vital body part permanently, is far more serious than just lower revenue for the spa operators. In the event that should such incidents occur in Singapore, the effects on the spa industry would be overwhelming. Not only would businesses be affected, the image of the spa industry would be compromised. Coupled with the fact that many spa treatments do not have scientific backing that they actually work, people will start to doubt the safety and effectiveness of the other spa treatments offered by spa operators. Fingers will also be pointed at health officials for not spotting the dangers of such treatments. As an internationally recognized and reliable research agency for drug and product safety, it would be assumed by the public that such information will be passed on by the US FDA to the local Health Scienc...
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