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Unformatted text preview: ly, till today, such a sleazy image still exists. But in Singapore, since the year 1999, people’s perceptions began to change. When the Spa Association of Singapore was first formalized in 1999, it’s uphill task was how to change people’s mindsets that visiting spas is a worthwhile investment towards ones health and wellness. KITTY (PRC) APPLE JOEY WINNIE (THAI) AGNES 32 NA 26 27 24+ 6/10 5/10 7.5 (a fair and pretty lady) 5/10 5/10 34B, soft, dark pointed n**ples Small 6.5 (friendly) Passable 6 / 10 (Quite a Handful) 7 (Friendly) Possibly Fake 34A to 32B Massage Quite Good NA Sammyboy Forum: Posting of forum user robbintoh about Shirley from Dickson Spa Centre Source: 3975&page=7 Just came back from Dickson. Asked for Shirley tonight. Brief FR as below: Looks: 7.5/10 Body: 7/10 BBBJ: 8.5/10 (refers to oral sex) FJ: 8.5/10. (refers to vaginal sex) *Note: Full contents from the website are considered too vulgar and explicit to be included in this paper. Visit the website with personal discretion. Appendix H Undercover interview of receptionist at Dickson Spa Centre about Shirley Nyan: Is Yuki or Shirley coming in tomorrow? Receptionist: Yes. Yes. They will. They will start work at 10am. My spa opens from 10am to 11pm. But they will leave at 7pm. Jeremy: What if I was doing something with her and I overshot the 1 hour massage? Receptionist: I don’t know. We just charge $45 for one hour and $35 for 45minutes. Nyan: Can I do whatever I want with her? (Receptionist nods head slightly.) Receptionist: You can be in the room together for Appendix G Sammyboy Forum: List of therapists who offer sexual services in Sasha Spa Source: 9758 NAME AGE LOOK BREASTS SERVICE CHRISTINA NA 6/10 A-CUP 7/10 KIM NA 6/10 B-CUP 8/10 MELISSA 25 7/10 C-CUP 8/10 GINGER 25 6/10 A-CUP JANET 40+ NA Papaya So-So Massage not strong but Good Service 11 45minutes. 4. Appendix I Undercover interview of taxi driver about sleaze in Dickson Spa Centre The taxi driver in this interview is named Mr. X. 5. John: Does that Spa provide extra services? Mr. X: Where? John: That Dickson Court Spa. Mr. X: That one ah. John: Yes. Mr. X: That place provides massages. But if you want extra they also provide it. John: 6. What ethical issues have you encountered when visiting a spa? Hard-selling Hidden costs Services overpriced Treatments do not work Do not deliver results as advertised Hygiene and safety compromised What is your impression of therapists in Singapore spas? Not qualified Not professional Desperate for sales Lacks passion Seem overworked What is the most important criteria you look out for when visiting a spa? Certified workers Attractive advertising Affordable and justified pricing Professional therapies Clean and hygienic environment They do really provide “extra” services? Mr. X: Yes. The girls there provide extra services as a sideline. If not, they cannot survive when the pay is so little. Mr. X further elaborates. Mr. X: For every massage which costs $30, they only get around $10 while the rest goes to the spa. Appendix J Str...
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