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The outlets provide services such as kampung massages

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Unformatted text preview: Au. The outlets provide services such as Kampung Massages, slimming and toning, full body exfoliation, beautifying wraps, Egyptian ear candling, face spa, Royal Paraffin treatments, Hydrotherapy and bust-firming and lifting. Yen Wellness Spa provides mainly beauty treatments although general health spa treatments like Swedish massage, ear candling and Gua Sha 3 1 therapy are also provided. It is located at Peninsula Hotel. Dickson Spa Centre Pte Ltd offers generic spa treatments such as massages and body scrubs. Most customers are male (70%) and their therapists are either Singaporeans or Malaysians. It is located at Dickson road. Sasha Spa Pte Ltd provides generic spa treatments as well, most of which are body scrubs and massages. It is located at Parklane Shopping Mall. My Summer Day Spa Pte Ltd 4 has five spa outlets in Singapore, and they claim to offer the most competitively priced spa treatments in town. In addition, they claim that their spa provides the best service because their massage therapists are certified under the National Skills Recognition System, SPRING Singapore. Ethical Issues In this section, we will cover the grey areas in business ethics and how the firms have breached society’s ethical norms or how they have worked around them. Despite the wide diversification of services of local spas, there are some common treatments are found in spas include aromatherapy, body massages and body scrub, all of which are said to be beneficial to the wellbeing of customers. Unfortunately, there is insufficient scientific proof made available to date to validate the effectiveness of such treatments. In fact, some studies have instead cast doubts on the effectiveness and safety of treatments like ear candling. With numerous spas providing a wide array of services and treatments, society finds itself faced with the difficulty of differentiating authentic spas from those who are merely riding on the wave of the industry’s increasing popularity. Spa companies also face public suspicion that they are only concerned with profit maximization, and they do not bother about responsible business practices. Common to many other industries, the problem of unethical sales tactics is also present in the spa and wellness industry. As the cost price and operating costs of providing spa products and services tend to be rather high, many firms undertake very aggressive sales tactics and pricing to survive in the highly competitive market. Eventually, it is the consumers who bear the costs of such practices. Stakeholder Model In accordance with the Stakeholder Model analysis, businesses have to be cautious of potential divergence of interests arising among its stakeholders. The primary interest of the business might have an economic bias, but this does not allow them to neglect the consequent discretionary and ethical responsibilities a business should have. This paper highlights three areas of probable divergence of expectations and interes...
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