bgs final report_tattoo industry (2007)

1 yes please state method of knowledge 1 read up

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Unformatted text preview: ew, should there be a minimum age limit for getting a tattoo? (1) Yes (2) No 6. What do you think the minimum age to get a tattoo should be? (1) (2) (3) (4) 16 years old 18 years old 21 years old Others: Please state:______________________ 7. Do you know the health risks associated with getting a tattoo? (1) Yes Please state method of knowledge: 1. Read up myself 2. Tattoo artist informed me 3. Others: Please state:____________________ (2) No (3) Not too sure/ Unclear 8. Upon indication of your interest to get a tattoo, does the tattoo artist inform you of the potential health risks? (Applicable for those with tattoos) (1) Yes (2) No (3) Not Applicable 9. Would you want a tattoo artist to disclose the health risks to you before getting a tattoo? (1) Yes (2) No (3) No comment 10. Have you ever heard of a tattoo test patch (where the artist tests the ink on your skin to see if there is an allergic reaction)? (1) Yes (2) No 11. Do you think a tattoo artist should give a test patch to new customers? (1) Yes (2) No 12. Do you think a tattoo artist should give a test patch to regular customers? (1) Yes (2) No Appendix C2: Survey Results 1. Why do you not want to get a tattoo? Results of Question 1 23% 20% 3% 13. In your opinion, what are some of the standards of hygiene that tattoo artist should follow? Tick those that are relevant. (1) (2) (3) (4) Clean, single use needles Use of gloves Use of face mask Others: Please state:__________________________ ______________________________ 14. How would you rate the hygiene standard of the tattoo parlour(s) you have visited? (Applicable for those who have tattoos) (1) Sufficiently hygienic for customers’ welfare (2) Too unhygienic (3) Others: Please state:__________________________ ______________________________ 54% Parental Objection Don't see the point Bad Images to Prospective employers Other reasons: i. Haven’t thought about it yet. ii. Don’t want to appear strange. iii. Waiting to get one. iv. Haven’t decided on time in life to get one yet, has to be a significant moment because it'll be with me for life v. Not sure if really want it yet vi. It's freaking ugly vii. It'll look ugly when I get fat 2. Why did you get a tattoo? 4. Does the tattoo hold any significant importance to you? Results of Question 2 Results of Question 4 12% 33% 50% 51% 38% 8% 0% 8% Fun Curiosity Peer Pressure To Show Independence Other Reasons Other reasons: i. It'll look ugly when I get fat ii. Gang membership iii. Find tattoo meaningful iv. Art v. Memories and motivation vi. Sentimental reasons vii. Special significance 3. Where did you get your tattoo? Please specify: i. Sin 4 pax ii. Far East Plaza • Primitive Tattoo 5 pax • Sacred Needles 5 pax • Johnny Two-Thumbs 7 pax iii. Orchard Tower freelance tattoo artist 4 pax iv. Spirits of Tattoo 4 pax v. Skin Label @ Sunshine Plaza 2 pax vi. Bt Timah 2 pax vii. Roxy Square, Katong 2 pax viii. Small shop at Ang Mo Kio St 81 2 pax ix. Parklane shopping centre 2 pax x. Friend's house 7 pax xi. Overseas temple 3 pax xii....
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