bgs final report_tattoo industry (2007)

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Unformatted text preview: has asked for it. And I’ve not done one before. I just make sure that the needles I used are clean and sterilized. Q: Do you have an autoclave machine? A: Yes, we sterilize everything lar. Q: Have you ever considered giving a test patch? A: Not really, it’s not practical. Sometimes must wait very long for the results also, and customers may not like it. Q: How many years of experience or training before you tattoo on a real person? A: 1 year odd. Before that we use fake skin or oranges to test out. Q: I see. Does your shop have an age limit? A: Oh yes, 18. 17 and below if the parents approve. Used to have forms for those under aged to sign, but no more. Q: I see. Do you communicate the health risks associated with tattooing? A: We do give some basic advice. But generally we only give aftercare advice. Q: What kind of hygiene practices do you have? Q: Do you perform a test patch? A: Gloves, new needles… A: No, our inks are very safe and the inks produce no allergy. Q: A test patch is when you test the ink on the skin to see if there is any allergic reaction. G: Does your shop have an age limit? A: Oh, unless the skin has like scars, rashes and lots of pimples, we won’t tattoo. No lah, we don’t give a test patch. A: [Points to sign] Yes, 18. That’s our shop policy. Appendix A3: Interview with Shane Horinaka, Co-owner, Acid Crue @ Peninsula Shopping Centre Q: How long have you been doing this trade? A: For about 9 years, altogether. Q: Are your inks imported? Where do they come from? A: Yea, my inks are imported. From the US and Germany. Q: Any from local sources? A: No, none. Q: I’ve heard there is no minimum age to get a tattoo in Singapore. How about your shop? A: To get a tattoo in this shop, you need to be above 18. Other shops may have other rules. Q: Let’s say I’m below 18 years old, but I give you a letter indicating my parents’ consent to me getting a tattoo. Will you then tattoo me? A: Yea, why not? You’re mother say can right? Q: Yes. But don’t you think it is not right to make such exceptions? A: Why? There is nothing wrong what, I still have my age limit. If your below it but want a tattoo you have to show me that your parents say ok. Q: Oh I see. Do you have an autoclave machine? A: Yes [points to it]. There. Q: Do you perform a test patch? A: Huh? Q: I see. I know you guys provide tips on how to take care of the tattoo after it is applied. Do you guys communicate the health risks to your clients? A: Our procedure is very clean, not a need to. Other lower end shops, maybe. But our shop is very clean; we show them the new needles we use. Q: I see you use gloves. Do you use a face mask? A: Unless I have a cold or flu. Q: Could tell me some of your hygiene standards other than using fresh needles? A: We wrap everything up, including bottles for application [points to some bottles]. Basically once we start tattooing we make sure we’ve got plastic to wrap the stuff up. We also use alcohol to apply to the new tattoo. Q: What sort of customers do you receive? A: All sorts, male and female, young and old. We don’t do bapoks. (gays/ transvestites) Q: Why? A: They’re disgusting. Q: Do you get local and foreign customers? A: Yes. Especially the Americans, Auss...
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