bgs final report_tattoo industry (2007)

I really regret getting all these tattoos a they

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Unformatted text preview: ng the tattoos all over his body A: 16 Q: Should there be an age limit to tattooing? Q: Do you think there should be an age limit? Q: Why 18? A: Obviously there shouldn’t be, if not the businesses would not be able to do their business. If they want to limit the age, they should just limit and ban tattooing. I really regret getting all these tattoos. A: They would be matured enough to make their own decisions. Q: Sorry to hear that. Do you think that firms should use a test patch before tattooing? Q: Were you given a test patch when you had your tattoos? A: What is a test patch? A: Yes and I think 18 would be a good number. Q: Do you think test patches should be given? Q: Oh it is the testing of the tattoo ink on a small patch of your skin before doing the entire tattoo to check for allergies and maybe any adverse reactions. A: Actually it depends on the individual. Personally, I trust the inks the tattoo artist use. I trust the tattoo artist himself too. A: Oh yah they should really, just in case. The firms that I patronized did nothing of that sort though. Luckily I didn’t suffer from any of these reactions. Q: Are you aware of the possible health risks that are associated with tattooing? Q: All right. Do you also think there should be a disclosure of health risks by these firms before tattooing customers? A: No I wasn’t. A: Yes. For one, I know that if there is no hygiene, there may be infection caused on the skin, like pus and viruses. The most pressing issue would be that of new needles, not all firms use them; some use the non-disposable ones. Q: How did you know of such risks? A: I read from books, internet, etc. Q: Do you think there is a necessity for health risks to be communicated? A: No. That would just jeopardize their business. However I feel that they should have notices all over the shop emphasizing the permanence of tattoos, and they should make it even more obvious to younger people as it would stick with them for a long period of time. Q: How about the possible hygiene standards each firm should have? A: It should be that of a hospital, since needles are used as well. Annex C: Survey conducted for “Societal” Aspect of Ethical Test Appendix C1: Sample of Survey Questionnaire Gender: Male / Female Nationality: ________________________ Age: Below 18/ 18-35/ Above 35 Race: _____________________________ Religion: I have a religion/ I don’t have a religion How many tattoos do you have? : None/ One/ More than one Without tattoo 1. Why do you not want to get a tattoo? (1) (2) (3) (4) Parental Objection Don’t see the point Bad image to prospective employers Other reasons: Please state:______________________ With tattoo: 2. Why did you get a tattoo? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Fun Curiosity Peer pressure To show independence Other reasons: Please state:_______________________ 3. Where did you get your tattoo? Please specify: _____________________ 4. Does the tattoo hold any significant importance to you? (Please Circle) YES / NO ALL PEOPLE: 5. In your vi...
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