Chapter 3 Lecture - Part 5

Known the text derives an expression for the hall the

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Unformatted text preview: lectrons in the y At direction will equal zero and no deflection of the current will occur. current – Electrodes at either side of the SC can be used to Electrodes measure the voltage resulting from Ey otherwise measure known as the Hall voltage. known – The text derives an expression for the Hall The coefficient, which is the inverse of the hole concentration times the charge. concentration The Hall Effect The Hall effect - graphically The Fermi Level at Equilibrium The • General Rule: No discontinuities or gradients can General exist in the equilibrium Fermi Level. exist • Illustration – Two different materials in intimate contact • No external fields or thermal gradients so no net charge flow – As such energy is conserved, so electrons moving from As one material to the other are countered with equivalent electrons going the other way (charge balance) electrons – Analysis of filled and empty states in each material Analysis using Fermi-Dirac statistics will show that (with a bit of algebra) f(E1) = f(E2). algebra) ). – Recall that a filled state is represented by f(E) and thus an empty Recall state by 1- f(E). state – This requires that EF1 = EF2 The Fermi Level at Equilibrium Two materials in intimate contact at equilibrium. Since the net motion of electrons is zero, the equilibrium Fermi level must be constant throughout....
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