Chapter 4 Lecture - Part 2

The diffusion current however is proportional to the

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Unformatted text preview: ow, so minority carriers don’t influence the drift component. the • Diffusion current, however, is proportional to the Diffusion concentration gradient, not the concentration. concentration • In some cases, the minority carrier diffusion current can In be as large as the majority carrier diffusion current be Diffusion of Carriers Diffusion • Fields have a spatial dependence (i.e., E(x)) • Electron movement in an electric field – Electrons drift in a direction opposite to the field – With respect to energy, the potential energy of the With electron necessarily decreases as the drift distance increases increases – Since the conduction band/valence band construct Since really represents potential energy, this construct can be drawn with respect to the applied field be – In the direction of E(x), potential energy increases Energy band diagram of a semiconductor in an electric field E(x)...
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