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Chapter 5 Lecture - Part 6

Metal sc contacts metal comparison between ohmic and

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Unformatted text preview: e junction; (c) Φm < Φs for a p-type semiconductor, and (d) the junction at equilibrium. Metal – SC Contacts Metal • Comparison between ohmic and Schottky contacts: Ohmic: N-type Φm < Φs P-type Φm > Φs Schottky: Φm > Φs Φm < Φs – No depletion occurs in Ohmic junction because No majority carrier accumulation is responsible majority • Ohmic contacts are generally formed using heavily Ohmic doped SC so as to reduce the initial barrier (V0) doped • Interface energy states can exist – Due to thin oxides on the SC, surface termination – Leads to interface energy states that increase the Leads Heterojunctions Heterojunctions • Definition: junction between two dissimilar SC – Usually epitaxial layers • Abrupt interfaces • Low defect densities – Heterojunctions utilize materials of differi...
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