Chapter 5 Lecture - Part 6

These contacts are good for interconnects

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Unformatted text preview: for positive and negative voltages. These contacts are good for interconnects. interconnects. • Physical Requirements – Charge induced in SC are required to align the Fermi Charge levels is provided by majority carriers moving across the junction, not the formation of a W the Ohmic Contacts Ohmic • N-type SC (Φm < Φs) – Electrons move from metal to SC – The net effect is to lower the potential barrier at the The junction by shifting the bands to align the Fermi levels junction – A small barrier results, but it doesn’t inhibit current flow small with a small voltage with • P-type SC (Φm > Φs) P-type – – Holes move from metal to SC Potential with respect to the holes is lowered and current Potential easily flows easily Ohmic metal– Ohmic semiconductor semiconductor contacts: contacts: (a) Φm < Φs for an n-type semiconductor, and (b) the equilibrium band diagram for th...
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