5 determine an initial load resistor rload rload

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Unformatted text preview: ipation of 600mW.] • the zener diode reference voltage VZ does not change. From our knowledge of transistors the output voltage of the op- amp will be approximately 0.6 volts above the designed regulated output voltage VOUT. For example, if your regulator is designed for VOUT=12 volts the output of the op- amp will be approximately VERROR=12+0.6=12.6 volts. And for Q1 to operate properly the difference between VC and VOUT (the collector and emitter of Q1) needs to be greater than about 1 volt. In general, you will want to have several volts collector- emitter voltage across Q1 for proper operation of the regulator circuit. Note that the unregulated voltage VC will drop when the current through RLOAD is high since the transformer has some resistance...
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