In this lab the limiting factor will be transistor q1

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Unformatted text preview: npn bjt transistor (such as a 2N2222 or 2N4401) found in the circuits lab should operate fine in this circuit. You should not exceed the power rating of Q1 and it is recommended that you limit the output current through RLOAD to currents less than 100 mA although the transistors can handle larger currents. You can simply grasp Q1 between your fingers to determine if it is too hot. MORE ABOUT TRANSISTOR Q1 Q1 is an npn BJT transistor which you will study at length in a week or two. It is called a pass transistor in the circuit of Figure 4(b) because it current flow through the transistor to adjust the power supply output voltage VOUT. The voltage between the collector and emitter terminals of Q1 can vary from almost zero (actually about 0.2 volts)...
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