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Unformatted text preview: proximately 10- 20mA. You will probably want to use at least a ½- watt resistor for RLOAD. B. BUILDING AND DEBUGGING YOUR VOLTAGE REGULATOR CIRCUIT. This lab assumes you have a working filtered full- wave power supply circuit from Lab 2 [Figure 4(a)] providing somewhere between 20 and 30 volts DC. If you did not save your circuit from Lab 2 you will need to build it again. Use a filter capacitor CL on the order of 47µf so you can see some ripple in the voltage VC and the effect of the regulator circuit on ripple. 1. Build the circuit of Figure 4(b) using your calculated component values from Part A. Since you will be using lab components you will need to learn how to test your components to ensure they are working. You can use the Radio Shack transistor/diode test...
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