Since the op amp has essentially infinite gain this

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Unformatted text preview: 12 volts to 5.1 volts. The op- amp provides feedback through Q1 to ensure that the voltage at pin 3 is equal to the voltage at pin 2. This is exactly what you studied in ENGR 210. The op- amp output controls the current through Q1 to make the feedback voltage at pin 2 equal to the voltage reference at pin 3. Of course, this is a simplified circuit and a practical power supply regulator would have additional circuitry to, for example, protect Q1 from short circuits and possible over- temperature conditions. However, this is a basic circuit which does not need such refinements. As long as the open- loop gain of the op- amp is large and the β (current gain) of the transistor is large this circuit will work fine. As a result, any op- amp (such as a 741) and any...
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