The 1n4735a at 62 volts is recommended with the

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Unformatted text preview: of a millivolt, the output of the op- amp error amplifier decreases causing Q1’s collector- emitter voltage to drop increasing VOUT until the feedback voltage at the input of the op- amp error amplifier is again equal to the reference voltage, i.e., V + − V − ≈ 0 and the circuit regains steady- state. Although this sounds complicated this is the basic principle of negative feedback which you will study at length in later classes. Regulation of VOUT will be maintained as long as: • the output of the op- amp amplifier does not reach the power supply limits. • the maximum power ratings of the transformer and diodes in the unregulated sections of the power supply, and the maximum power rating of the transistor are not exceeded. In this lab the limiting factor will be transistor Q1 [See Appendix 1 . A 2N2222 has a maximum power diss...
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