1977 modern decision analysis penguin books london

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Unformatted text preview: eley, D., 1985, Handling uncertainty: Levels of analysis of decision problems, in Wright, G., (editor), Behavioural Decision-making, Pelnum Press, New York Humphreys, P.C., and McFadden, W., 1980, Experiences with MAUD: Aiding decision structuring versus bootstrapping the decision-maker, Acta Psychologica, 45, pp51-69 Hyne, N., 1995, None technical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling and production, Penwall Publishing Company, Tulsa Ikoku, C.U., 1984, Natural gas reservoir engineering, Wiley, New York Janis, I.L., 1989, Crucial decisions: Leadership in policy making and crisis management, Free Press, New York Janis, I.L., and Mann, L., 1977, Decision-making: a psychological analysis of conflict, choice and commitment, Free Press, New York Jaynes, E.T., 1956, Probability theory with applications in Science and Engineering, No 4 in Colloquium Lectures in Pure and Applied Science, Socony-Mobil Oil Company, USA Jeffreys, B., 1939, Theory of probability, Claredon Press, Oxford John, R.S., von Winterfeldt, D., Edwards, W., 1983, The quality and user acceptance of multiattribute utility analysis performed by computer and analyst, in Humphreys, P., von Winterfeldt, D., Edwards, W., (editors), Analysing and aiding decision processes, pp301-319, Amsterdam. Jones, R.E., Jacobs, L.W., and Van Spijker, W., 1992, Strategic Decision Processes in International Firms, Management International Review, 32, pp219-236 Kahneman, D., Slovic, P. and Tversky, A., (editors), 1982, Judgement Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases, Cambridge University Press Kahneman, D., and Tversky, A., 1982, The psychology of preferences, Scientific American, 246, number 1, p136 Kaufman, G.M., and Thomas, H., 1977, Modern Decision Analysis, Penguin Books, London Kaye, D., 1995, The importance of information, Management Decision, volume 33, number 5, p5 229 Keats, B.W., 1988, The vertical construct validity of business economic performance measures, The journal of applied behavioural science, 24(2), pp151-160 Keeffer, D.L., and Bodily, S.E., 1983, Three Point Approximations for Continuous Random Variables, Management Science, 29 (5), pp595-609 Keeney, R., 1982, Decision Analysis: an Overview, Operations Research, 30, number 5, pp803-837 Keeney, R., 1980, Decision Analysis in the Geo-technical and Environmental Fields, in Sjoberg, T., Tyszka, T., and Wise, J.A., (editors), Human Decision-making, Bodafors, Doxa Keeney, R., 1979, Decision Analysis: how to cope with increasing complexity, Management Review, p26 Keeney, R.L. and Raiffa, H., 1976, Decisions with Multiple Objectives: Preferences and Value Tradeoffs, Wiley, New York Keeney, R.L. and Raiffa, H., 1972, A critique of formal analysis in public decisionmaking, in Drake, A.W., Keeney, R.L. and Morse, P., (editors), Analysis of public systems, pp9-11, MIT Press, Cambridge Kemma, A.G.Z., 1993, Case Studies on Real Options, Financial Management, 22, pp259-270 Keren, G., 1996, Perspectives of Behavioural Decision-making: Some critical notes, Organisational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes, 63(3), March, pp169-1...
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