1989 research method and organisation studies george

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Unformatted text preview: choles, M., 1973, The pricing of options and corporate liabilities, Journal of Political Economy, 81, pp637-554 Blair, J.D., Slaton, C.R., and Savage, G.T., 1990, Hospital Physician Joint Ventures: a Strategic Approach for Both Dimensions of Success, Hospital and Health Services Administration, 35(1), pp3-26 Borsch, K. and Mossin, J., (editors), 1968, Risk and Uncertainty, proceedings of a conference held by the International Economic Association, Macmillan, New York Bourgeois, L.J., III, 1985, Strategic goals, perceived uncertainty, and economic performance in volatile environments, Academy of Management Journal, 28, pp548573 Bourgeois, L.J., III, 1984, Strategic management and determinism, Academy of Management Review, 9, pp586-596 Bourgeois, L.J., III, 1981, On the Measurement of Organisational Slack, Academy of Management Review, 6, pp29-39 Bourgeois, L.J., III, and Eisenhardt, K.M., 1988, Strategic Decision Processes in High Velocity Environments: Four cases in the Microcomputer Industry, Management Science, 34(7), pp816-835 Bowman, C. and Ambrosini, V., 1997, Using Single Respondents in Strategy Research, British Journal of Management, volume 8, pp119-131 220 BP statistical review of world energy, 2000, http://www.bp.co.uk Brealey, R.A and Myers, S.C., 1996, Principles of Corporate Finance, McGraw-Hill, New York Brennan, M.J., and Schwartz, E.S., 1985, Evaluating Natural Resource Investments, Journal of Business, 58(5), p135 Brown, M., 1992 Thinking small about oil, Management Today, March, p80-84 Brunsson, N., 1985, The irrational organisation, Wiley, Chichester Bryman, A., and Burgess, R.G., 1994, (editors), Analysing Qualitative Data, Routledge, London Bryman, A., 1989, Research method and organisation studies, George Unwin, London Buckley, A., 2000, Multinational Finance, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, England Buckley, A., Buckley, P., Langevin, P., and Tse, K., 1996, The financial analysis of foreign investment decisions by large UK based companies, European Journal of Finance, 2(2), pp181-206 Budescu, D.V., and Wallsten, T.S., 1995, Processing linguistic probabilities, in Busemeyer, J. and Medin, D.L., (editors), Decision-making from a cognitive perspective, pp275-318 Bunn, D., 1984, Applied decision analysis, McGraw Hill, New York Burgess, R.G., 1984a, The Research Process in Educational Settings: Ten Case Studies, Falmer Press, London Burgess, R.G., 1984b, In the Field: An introduction to field research , George Allen and Unwin, London Burke, L.A., and Miller, M.K., 1999, Taking the mystery out of intuitive decision making, The Academy of Management Executive, volume 13, issue 4, November, p19 Burnside, C.A., 1998, Applications of Risk Analysis and Investment Appraisal Techniques in Day to Day operations of an upstream oil company , submitted in partial fulfillment of the degree of Master of Business Administration, University of Aberdeen, unpublished. Butler, R., 1991, Designing organisations – A decision-making perspective, Routledg...
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